They mix with all classes of people and are therefore most dangerous.

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Inktober 15, Legend

Okay, this one could get me in trouble, so please see it for the satire that it is. I’m not saying something isn’t happening, I’m commenting on the commentary. As a cold war kid, I’ve been around the doomsday block more times than I can count. Am I saying we shouldn’t take care of the planet? No! I’m saying I’ve heard “The sky is falling!” way too many times. Give me a solution that doesn’t plunge us into a socialistic nightmare, and you’ll have my attention. in the mean time, here you go.



Inktober 14: Overgrown


Inktober 13, Ash

Inktober 12, Dragon

Like it when you get it.

Inktober 11, Snow

For as long as I can remember I have had a love/hate relationship with snow. When I was a kid, snow closed school, got me away from the bullies for a day or two and gave me the opportunity to sled, make snowmen and all the other stuff kids love, but then sooner or later we would get our assignment, “Go shovel the driveway!” and with that assignment went the love of snow. I hated shoveling and back then we used get immense storms sometimes. Back then the scientists were trying to prepare us for the next ice age, and a complete freeze, and when you were trying to shovel waist deep snow, it became easy to believe. Of course today they have pulled a complete 180 and talk about global warming. Back in the 70s this picture would have been my response.

So who’s right? Are we freezing or are we melting, or do we as I suspect really have no idea what is going on? Is it all just one more thing we’ve invented to keep us afraid now that the cold war is over? I have no idea and no one, not scientists, not politicians and certainly not the media can be trusted to tell us the truth, so I guess I’ll do what I’ve learned to do, trust God and live to make the world a better place.


Inktober 9, Pattern


Inktober 8, Swing