They mix with all classes of people and are therefore most dangerous.

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Art Mayhem Day 31: Mayhem

For the last day of Art Mayhem, I decided to create a character that represents mayhem and I pulled out all the stops. three tails, four eyes, forked tongue and a whole lot of claws and teeth. He looks like pure rage but he was quite a bit of fun to create. Again this i why I like making creatures, they are limitless. This was the first time I tried to do an online challenge like this. I ended up having only one person participate. Needless to say I’d hoped for more, but I had a good time getting to see what my fellow artist saw in each of he daily words and hopefully I’ve made a friend from “the other side of the pond.” What’s next? Well I have a few things in the pipe. Lots of presentation graphics for the coming months in my ministry finishing my last two classes for my ministry and curating a challenge. I won’t be able to be a participant in that one but stay tuned.


Art Mayhem Day 30-Villain

Art Mayhem Day 30 Today’s prompt was villain. I decided to go with the traditional Snidely Whiplash/Simon Bar-Sinister tie Penelope to the railroad tracks type.

Art Mayhem Day 29 Superhero

I went with your basic garden variety superhero for today’s challenge. I had fun with the radical symmetry aspect of this design and feel it does what I set out to do.


Art Mayhem Day 27 Dynamo

Art Mayhem Day 25 Deep Sea

Sort of my spin on the creature from the black lagoon.


Art Mayhem Day 23 Skateboard

Art Mayhem Day 22 Wild

For wild, I made a kind of cheshire cat looking raccoon. I also hid the prompt in the illustration. Do you see it?